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Did we mention that we also produce original content too?

We realise that in-house original content is important to any media business. It's a great showcase for our creative talents, but equally we produce our own content because we love podcasts and let our inspiration run wild. Make sure you subscribe!

The Running Industry Podcast

The running industry podcast is a brand new podcast bringing you news, opinion 

and analysis on hot topics, alongside insight into key events and happenings 

within the global running landscape.

Outside of breaking the big news, we'll be speaking to brand owners, startups, 

marketeers and creatives; along with key figures and thought leaders from the 

industry. We delve deep and find out what makes individuals and companies 

tick - and how they see the future of the industry and wider running world.

getting vocal

getting vocal isn’t about how loud you can shout, but how confidently you can speak. The next age of careers and life skills will require us to be able to use our voice to maximum effect - confidently and accurately, but always with personality.


In this podcast we’ll speak to those who use their voice as a tool for change, persuasion, assurance or as a way of expressing themselves in work, art, business or sport. 


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